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Lean production With over 20 years’ production management and project management experience SPOT STUDIOS team have created a unique SPOT-IN Production control eco-system, that does not exist in conventional market places.

One of the prerequisites of inspiration and innovation in creative space is seamless, timely execution within the provided budget. This is by any means the hardest part of any project and can be managed by artisan production manager team only. Over many years and with multiple efforts by talented individuals working for SPOT STUDIOS, we have crafted the Eco-system for Production control, that is unique for the industry and embraces our long experience, new technologies, innovation, new project management techniques and skills as well as our passion for perfection in each and every detail and our yearning for delivering only the utmost results at any circumstances.

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SPOT STUDIOS’ team aspiration is to support you at every stage where required, in order to foster your development and to make sure that top results of brand communication are achieved. We not only lead a full project cycle for you, but also control each milestone and critical success factor so that you can engage audiences through collaboration and visual content creation.

Our team has crafted a state-of-art unique SPOT-IN Production control eco-system that provides not only production support at every stage of a creative project, be it screenplay or design of infographics and interactives, but also takes care of every detail of project planning and budgeting up to delivery and feedback as well as adjustments planning.
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